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Doors Door Handles and Locks Inside handles If the parking brake is not set and the gearshift is moved out of gear, your vehicle may move unexpectedly and injure someone. Allow the key to return to the ON position after the engine has started.

Do not install a child seat in a center facing jump manusl. Rear axle jacking point NOTE: If you are not certain that you are using the right equipment in the proper manner, see your Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer.

To avoid damage or injury, follow these directions in the order they are given. Use a vinyl cleaner for routine cleaning.

Ford Ranger Owner’s Manual

For 1996 ford ranger service manual pdf download results, use the following, or products of equivalent quality: Page Follow the easy steps below to set these buttons to the desired frequencies: If you must work with the engine running, avoid wearing loose clothing or jewelry that could get caught in moving Page Bulb Specifications Doing so will not damage or break the fuel cap.

The buttons for the system are located on the hand held transmitter that came with your vehicle. If sprayed on the windshield, engine coolant could make wervice difficult to see through the windshield.

Service Made Easy Ford has two goals for servicing your vehicle. Page 79 Do not put objects under the front seats that interfere with the flow of air to the back seat area.

Get Started

To avoid interference, remove the device or contact the device maker for more information on compatibility. Put the gearshift in 1 First. Audio system see Electronic sound system. Accessories Ford Accessories for Your Vehicle Ford has many fine products available from your dealer to clean your vehicle and protect its finishes.

Safety Restraints Combination Lap and Shoulder Belts While your vehicle is in motion, the combination lap and shoulder belt adjusts to your movement. Air Bag Supplemental Restraint System slide bar if equipped1996 ford ranger service manual pdf download safety seat tether bracket assemblies if equippedand attaching hardware, should be inspected after any collision.

Turn the ignition key to OFF. A warm up cycle consists of engine start from a 1996 ford ranger service manual pdf download dpf engine at ambient temperature and running until the engine reaches normal operating temperature. Tighten wheel lug nuts to the required torque specification and retighten again after miles km.

Cleaning the Interior Lamps Your interior dome lamps and map lamps are plastic and should be cleaned with a mild detergent diluted in water.

Remote entry system arming and disarming the anti-theft system. Important Safety Belt Information The ofrd of safety belts helps to restrain you and your passengers in case of a collision. Page 51 Check under the vehicle again for leaking fuel. Page After driving through mud, clean off residue stuck to rotating driveshafts and tires.

Service Repair Manual Download PDF

Check all vehicle warning lights before driving your vehicle. Page An increase in pedal travel will result in reduced braking capability. Page Replacement batteries can be purchased at most pharmacies, watch stores or at your Ford or Lincoln-Mercury dealer.

Page N Neutral With the gearshift in the N Neutral position, the vehicle can be started and is free to roll.

sdrvice The radio is not on. Safety Restraints Important Safety Belt Information The use of safety belts helps to restrain you and your passengers in case of a collision.

Ford Ranger Service Repair Manual – Ford Ranger PDF Downloads

If the air bag is not replaced, the unrepaired area will increase the risk of injury in a rangee. To reduce the risk of serious injury in a collision, children should always ride with the seatback upright. The wide blue area full left is the cool or unheated temperature area. Your vehicle will maintain the speed you set.

It may be necessary to drive the vehicle for 10 to 15 minutes before repeating the release procedure. For this reason, Ford has authorized its dealers to repair, at no charge to the owner, The Turn Signal Lever You can use the turn signal lever on the left side of the steering column to: If in doubt, call for road service.

Use only the type of engine downolad that Ford recommends. Page Using the Power Seats If equipped If your vehicle has the power 1996 ford ranger service manual pdf download option, you can adjust it in several directions.

Clean with a tar and road oil remover if necessary. Never let a passenger hold a child on his or her lap while the vehicle is moving.