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Hose down, wash and dry the car thoroughly.

Volvo S70, V70 Owners Manual PDF

Manual gearbox M 56 M 56 n e m 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download positions, 5-speed Reverse gear detent Gear positions, 6-speed Depress the clutch pedal fully with every gear Only engage reverse gear when the car is Depress the clutch pedal fully with each gear change.

The SC must be connected to a separate power amplifier. Incorrect viscosity oil can shorten engine life. Enter the 4-digit code using the preset buttons. This ensures that the viscous coupling is not damaged.

If dpf windows begin to fog or mist, check that the recirculation function is NOT engaged. Before starting, check that the seat, steering wheel and mirrors are adjusted properly.

Should this occur, remove the object and wait 20 seconds for the circuit breaker to reset. If cracks, irregularities or other damage appears, turn off the compressor immediately. Locks and alarm Immobilizer, Remote control Locking and unlocking Replacing the battery in the remote control When vilvo 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download dark, Deadlocks Child safety lock Alarm The optional supplementary amplifier may be mounted under the front passenger’s seat. These lights will remain lit for 30, 60 or 90 seconds.

Winter Tyres Always use 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download tyres on all four wheels! The fuses are located inside the access panel on the end face of the dashboard.

For more detailed information concerning function and location of relays, fuses, etc. Child safety lock m d d Control for child safety lock – left rear door Control for child safety lock – right rear door Electric child safety catch Mechanical child safety lock – Electric child safety catch – WARNING!

This function cannot be interrupted.

VOLVO V70 Owner’s Manual

Catalytic converter and suspension Lambda-sond Heated oxygen sensor Wheel suspension, springing The lambda sensor is part of a management Front end system intended to reduce emissions and McPherson type spring strut. The eyelets are not to be used as passenger restraints or as anchorages for child restraints. Do not continue to operate your vehicle if you detect engine misfire, noticeable loss of power or other unusual operating conditions, such as engine overheating or backfiring.

Check that the indicator window 3 shows Mounting the ball section unlocked position by turning the key red. Waveband selector AM Power steering fluid reservoir Insert your hand in the centre of the front edge Washer fluid reservoir Operation via a floor mounted gear lever. If not, please consult your Volvo retailer. The Anti-lock Braking System ABS helps to improve vehicle control stopping and steering during severe braking 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download by limiting brake lock-up.

Windscreen Washer, Headlamp Washer, Windscreen Wipers Windscreen washer and switch or five minutes after the ignition is 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download Wipers operate at normal speed. Contact an authorised Volvo workshop. Storage 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download, front and rear seats Ashtray option To empty the ashtrays: It should thus be kept in the car for ready access. If the floor of the car has become soaked for any reason, do not turn on the radio.

Studded winter tyres Studded winter tyres should be run in for kilometres milessoftly and gently so that the studs sit in the tyre correctly. The maintenance services contain several checks which require special instruments and tools and therefore must be performed by a qualified technician.

Volvo and the environment Volvo is committed to the well being of our customers. Make sure the brake pedal can be depressed completely.

Insert the key and turn it clockwise to the 2. Don’t show me this message again.

It also has an accessory connector located beneath the dashboard on the driver’s side. Sunroof Sunroof Manual control Open: Position L gives the best engine braking for started, but no gear is selected. See the illustrations above.

Volvo V70 Owners Manual Pdf

dlwnload Page Changing oil and oil filter Oil and oil filter changes should be made at 7, mile 12, km intervals. Fasten the seat belt. 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download of the size of the air bag and its speed of inflation, a child should never be placed in the front seat, even if he or she is properly belted or strapped into a child safety seat.

However, we have endeavoured to make the Volvo F70 System of a quality that will enable you to enjoy the best possible reception no matter what the reception conditions may be.

In order to have efficient and well controlled recycling, many Volvo variants have printed dismantling manuals indication the weight and material of individual components. The indicator lamp in the instrument panel lights up when this mode is selected. Apply the mountain driving, etc.

Volvo S70 Owner’s Manual

Page 16 Seat belts the heart of the Volvo safety system The heart of volvi Volvo safety system is the threepoint seat belt a Volvo invention! Press the PTY button for less 1998 volvo v70 manual pdf download 1 second. Deactivate the alarm by unlocking with the remote control.

Contact an authorised Volvo workshop secured. Fuel line filter For proper functioning of the vehicle and its emission control systems, the fuel line filter should be replaced atmileskm. All other work on the car should be carried out using workshop jacks and axle stands under the part of the car which is raised.