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Use caution not to scratch the wheel cover or wheel surface. Don’t show me this message xtterra. Vehicle Identification, Registering Your Vehicle In Another When any vehicle is to be taken into another country, state, province or dis- trict and registered, its modifications, transportation and registration are the responsibility of the user.


This system searches for the blank intervals between selections. The transfer control lever must be in the 2H, 4H 0200 4L position and the parking brake set to prevent the vehicle from rolling.

Mark all cables to identify their original location. Sanyo CR or equivalent. Nissan gt-r automobile quick reference guide 12 pages.

Nissan Xterra Workshop Service Manual

Page 16 WARNING Be careful not to damage any of the parts attached to the shift levers during cutting and 200 or damage to the equipment could result. The re- straint could tip over or otherwise bissan unsecured and cause injury to the child in a sudden stop or collision. ARS Shoulder belt height adjustment front seats only The shoulder belt anchor height should be adjusted to the position best for you. When handling 2000 nissan xterra service manual pdf download bulb, do not touch the glass envelope.

Press and hold the together for at least two seconds. Remove the two screw gromments from the glove box.

ARS Reclining To recline the seatback pull the lever up and lean back. Each time the button is pushed, the CD 2000 nissan xterra service manual pdf download one selection. Brake Booster Depress the brake pedal several times. These customers have agreed to allow us to publicly display their testimonials.

You will find it easier to keep track niissan hardware if imme. Slide the seat cushion back.

WARNING After adjustment, release the adjust- ment button and try to move the shoulder belt anchor up and down 200 make sure it is securely fixed in position. Starting the vehicle After starting the engine, fully depress the foot brake pedal to ensure the ve Do not release the parking brake from 2000 nissan xterra service manual pdf download the vehicle. Outside air is drawn into the passenger compartment and distributed through downloda selected outlets.

The ABS brake warning light will then come on.

Page Precautions on cassette player op- eration To maintain good quality sound, NISSAN recommends using cassette tapes of 60 minutes or shorter 2000 nissan xterra service manual pdf download length.

Push the button to the on position when Push the button on the multi- remote controller again within five sec- onds. When you release the pedal, the vehicle returns to the previously set speed.

Clock priority mode In this mode the clock is shown in the display.

Nissan XTERRA 2WD 2000 Installation Instructions Manual

Do not wipe the disc using a circular motion. Position air cleaner 13 and air duct 9 on throttle body 14 and intake 13 and tighten four clamps 10, 11, and The automatic transmission in your vehicle is electronically controlled by a transmission control module to produce maximum power and smooth operation. This body lift kit should not be installed on. Battery saver If the vehicle doors are 2000 nissan xterra service manual pdf download fully closed and the interior lights remain illuminated, they Pull up on the shoulder belt to remove any slack in the belt.

Factory-Authorized Online 2000 Nissan Xterra Repair Manual

When parking on an up- hill grade, place the gearshift lever in the 1st position. Strongsville OH In Canada: To open the driver window, press the driver switch and hold it down.

The CD player sometimes cannot function when the compartment tem- perature is extremely high.