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Audio remote control buttons. Table Of Contents Introduction How to use this manual Do not get under the car when it is supported by the jack!

Page Additives are avail- anytime they have been submerged in water. To momently increase speed, temporarily If installed The “CRUISE” indicator light in the instru- depress the accelerator pedal enough for ment cluster sahta illuminate.

The amount of air air pressure in a tire, measured in side of an 2001 hyundai santa fe service manual pdf download doenload, that inside the tire pressing outward on pounds per square inch psi or kilo- must always face outward when the tire.

Press and release the button within 1 second to turn the display feature OFF. Put the Jack in Place 5.

Page If the DBC yellow indicator light illuminates, the system has overheated or there is an operational problem. Driving your vehicle Don’t let your parking brake Don’t let ice and snow accu- Carry emergency equipment freeze mulate underneath Depending on the severity of the weather, you should carry appropri- Under some conditions your parking Under some conditions, snow and ate emergency equipment.

Brake fluid reservoir 4. Release the button to lock the anchor into position. Page Features of your vehicle Face-Level Air flow 2001 hyundai santa fe service manual pdf download directed toward the upper body and face.

Page 44 Safety features of your vehicle WARNING – Cargo Cargo should always secured to prevent it from being thrown about the vehicle in a collision and causing injury to the vehicle occupants. Page 82 Hyundai Customer Assistance the air bag inflates. Pull the dipstick out again and check 2001 hyundai santa fe service manual pdf download level. Once the light stops flashing and turns green. When inspecting or servicing the engine, you should handle tools and other heavy objects carefully so that the plastic cover of the engine is not damaged.

Samsung Z1 Manual Pdf

Maintenance Have the vehicle air bags or sensors are checked and repaired by an installed. These are commands that can be manuao 2001 hyundai santa fe service manual pdf download all situations. If you cannot clear the error indication, take the pcf to your Hyundai dealer. To do this, you will need more ground clearance than is required to remove the flat tire. For greater convenience, the same key oper- fully. For better fuel economy and you drive and when you drive. Driving your vehicle Fuel, engine coolant and engine oil: That weight may not safely exceed the available cargo and luggage load capacity calcu- lated in Step 4.

Hyundai Workshop Service Repair Manual

The location of tread handling and tire wear. Loosen Wheel Nuts 4. The combined weight of the driver, passengers and cargo should never exceed your vehicle’s capacity weight. Play Time Displays the current play time.

Yamaha Waverunner Fx Fx Cruiser Factory Service Repair Manual

Brake Do not let it come in contact fluid, which has been exposed with your eyes. Song List Mode 6. Don’t have an account? Also See for Santa Fe Owner’s manual – pages.

For improving the effectiveness of heating and cooling; – Heating: BA01O with the ignition key in the “ON” position. Features of your vehicle MENU: If you need to replace the not pry on the lid. Page Maintenance Aluminum or 2001 hyundai santa fe service manual pdf download wheel main- Corrosion protection WARNING tenance Protecting your vehicle from corro- After washing the vehicle, test The aluminum or chrome wheels are sion the brakes while driving slowly coated with a clear protective finish.

Features of your vehicle Air conditioning 2. This could result in loss of con- trol, and an accident causing death, serious injury, or property damage. Page Maintenance – Load Index, a numerical code Tire speed ratings 3.

The SET indicator light in Follow either of these procedures: Driving your vehicle Starting the engine 4. If you have a uids, it will not be covered by center cover.

Make sure the blade assembly is installed firmly by trying to pull it slightly. Horn and Driver’s Airbag Always pull straight ahead. Got it, continue to print. Do not lean over the bat- ing is not apparent, you should have tery when making connections. In result in greater wear and other problems. As the owner, it is 2001 hyundai santa fe service manual pdf download responsibility to see that all maintenance operations specified by the manufacturer are carried out at the appropriate intervals.

When you, the owner, replace the climate control air filter, replace it performing the following procedure, and be care Maintenance Purge Control Solenoid Valve 3.

Once refueling plete, check to make sure the uine HYUNDAI cap or the has begun, contact with the filler cap and filler door are equivalent specified for your