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A short press on the button re- engages automatic lighting. Use a booster battery if the battery is flat.

Page 30 Radio Cassette CD downoad 6. The CD player resumes with the most recent- ly played CD. For this reason, it is advisable to always store the detachable towbar in the car. The airbag inflates between the occupant and the door panel and thereby cushions the initial impact while deflating.

Textile standard The interior of a Volvo is designed to be pleasant and comfortable, even for people with contact allergies and for asthma suffer- ers. Electrical Socket, Cigarette Lighter Electrical socket in rear seat The 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download socket can be used for acces- sories, such as a mobile phone charger or a cooler, and it is designed for 12 V.

2001 2008 volvo s60 repair service manual .pdf

Page 09 Maintenance and service Fuses Fuses in the cargo area 1. Excessive starter cranking in excess of one minuteor an intermittently firing or flooded engine can cause three- way catalytic converter or exhaust system overheating.

Page Your car is equipped with a sophisticated electronics system Any repairs, maintenance or fault tracing on this system should be done 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download an vovo Volvo retailer only Please consult your Volvo retailer if you have any questions before connecting accessory or optional equipment to the vehicle’s electrical system Page 38 The air conditioning is momentarily disengaged during full-throttle acceleration.

pdc wipers Windscreen wipers off The windscreen wipers are off when the stalk switch is in position 0. The headlamps must be handled with extreme care due dwonload the high- voltage unit in the Xenon lamp.

NOTE Some models require an oil cooler for the automatic gearbox when driving with a trail- er. Page 06 Starting and driving Automatic gearbox Manual positions P — Park Select this position when you 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download to start the engine or park the car. Page 94 The load capacity of the car is reduced by the number of passengers and their weight.

Page 63 02 Instruments and controls Rearview and door mirrors Switch the compass on or off by pressing the button set into the rear of the mirror.

volvo s60 repair service manual .pdf download – 2shared

Depressing the button on the front of the gear selector knob enables you to move the gear selector to positions P, R, N, D, 4, 3 and L. The light in the button illuminates.

Page 83 Engaging reverse gear Reverse gear should only be engaged from a complete stop. Cassette Player Hu 10 Infotainment system Cassette player HU Cassette opening Insert the cassette in the slot with the wider part to the right.

Power Windows dlwnload Instruments and controls Power windows 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download The power windows are operated using the controls in the doors.

Manual Gearbox 06 Starting and driving Manual gearbox Gear positions, five-speed Depress the clutch pedal fully with each gear mqnual. This maintenance program contains inspections and services necessary for the proper function of your car.

The function is light-dependent and is only activated when it is dark. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The LED in the switch will light up to indicate that the heating function is engaged. Page 80 Automatic xownload The engine should be idling when you move the gear selector. Have the car checked by an authorised Volvo workshop 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download soon as possible.

The sunscreen slides back au- tomatically when the sunroof is opened. Central locking system PCL Contact an authorised Volvo workshop. Adjusting Headlamp Pattern 06 Starting and driving Adjusting headlamp pattern Correct light pattern for right or left- hand traffic A. Page 67 02 Instruments and controls Power sunroof vo,vo 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download The sunroof features a manual, sliding interi- or sunscreen.


NOTE 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download cars are adapted for the varying re- quirements of different markets, as well as for national or local legal requirements and regulations. Use only Volvo 2001 volvo s60 manual pdf download or approved fuel filler caps. Page Opening the hood Pull the lever located under the left side of the dash to release the hood lock. In order to help reduce car theft, make sure the steering wheel lock is engaged before leaving the car. Automobile Volvo S80 Owner’s Manual pages.

The cover should be kept on when the auxiliary socket is not in use. To keep your Volvo as safe and reliable as possible, follow the Volvo service pro- gramme specified in the Service and Warran- ty Booklet. Page 26 In addition to continuous environmental refinement of conventional gasoline- powered internal combustion engines, Volvo is actively looking at advanced technology alternative- fuel vehicles.

LED illumination Lighting panel Load carriers Locking Locking steering wheel Locks Long distance trips Long loads – carrying Low beam bulb Lubricants Maintenance Schedule Maintenance services Malfunction indicator light Manual climate control with air conditioning Manual transmission Messages in the display Multifilter with air quality sensor Normal turns direction indicators Occupant safety Alarm activation is confirmed with a slow flash of the LED.

Interior Lighting 2 for more than 3 seconds.