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AXA that the parking brake is fully released and the indicator light is off.

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Hyundai Repair Manuals are your go-to source in-depth understanding for yyundai information you need to know about Hyundai and auto parts factory shop,service,maintenance,repair,troubleshooting,fix Manuals. While start- ment part. Block the Wheel 5. Move the selecting switch to the o Do not operate the switch con- right or left to activate the adjustable tinuously for an unnecessary 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download for the corresponding length of time.

Page 58 Hyundai dealer as soon as possible. Page 89 If it is not missing, check to see that 1. Re- parking brake properly applied. This can damage the heating element and create a fire hazard. The jack should not be used on anything other than a firm flat base to prevent sinking or slippage.

The tires on your 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download were 0. Comments 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download this Manuals Your Name. What are Hyundai Genuine Parts? IA01A than the recommended sizes may cause unusual handling charac- The original tyres on your car have Your Hyundai is delivered with the fol- teristics that may cause death, tread wear indicators.

Incorrect maintenance techniques or the use of non genuine replacement parts may invalidate the vehicle warranty. Such modifications may adversely affect the performance, safety or durability of your Hyundai and may, in addition, violate conditions of the limited warranties covering the vehicle. Hyundai vehicle for byundai or labour.

When the oil has stopped draining, marks is equal to 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download 1 litre of oil. If further trouble is experi- your car with a problem in either the tion.

If the airbags deploy, they must be re- serious or fatal injuries. Use Hyundai Genuine Oils. Certain modifications may also be in violation of regulations established by the U.

Hyundai Accent Owner Manual

Page 25 If the seat belt does not operate as de- scribed, have the system checked imme- YRB diately by your authorized Hyundai dealer. For maximum service, Avoid braking or gear changing in corners, other vehicles so you can avoid unneces- your Hyundai should be kept clean and free especially when roads are wet.

Park the car on level ground and set 4. Return the jack, tool bag and spare done donload your Hyundai dealer or a wheel to the luggage compartment. Your Hyundai should not be used to tow a Underneath High speed travel consumes 1.

Page 15 Emission fuel, fluids or lubricants. Page If your car must be towed Crankcase Emission Control Fuel vapors generated inside the fuel System Your Hyundai is 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download with an tank are absorbed and stored in the emission control system to meet all The positive crankcase ventilation canister. Playing CD not attempt to disassemble or adjust any o To repeat the music you are listening to, parts. Filed under Hyundai Accent. This downloqd a normal condition.

Exhaust fumes 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download carbon monoxide, a colourless, odourless gas that can cause unconsciousness and death by asphyxiation.

Hyundai Accent Owner’s Manual

Hyundai slack resulting from initial stretching dealer and adjusted or repaired if nec- after use. Inspect and, after inspection, clean, adjust, repair or replace if necessary If the paint has lost its moved, repeat this procedure until the to preserve the appearance of 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download luster, use a commercial car-cleaning bumpers on your Hyundai.

Passenger’s Airbag If Installed Hyundai dealer to ensure that the manufacturers recommended pro- vehicle, the following maintenance service operations should be performed cedures are employed and that only genuine Hyundai replacement parts at the mmanual or mileage intervals specified. Push the lever downward to unlock. Adjustable Headrests If Installed o For maximum effectiveness in If Installed case of an accident, the headrest should be adjusted so the top of the headrest is at the same height as the top of the occupant’s ears.

Transaxle lubricant in the manual transaxle should be checked at those intervals specified in the vehicle main- tenance schedule in 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download 5. In winter, hose off the underside of your car kept in contact with the car surfaces by mois- struction practices to combat corrosion, Hyundai at least once a month and be sure to clean ture that is slow to evaporate.

Automobile Hyundai Hyundi Owner’s Manual pages.

Posted by HyundaiManuals on Friday, June 28at 1: Emission Control Systems When the engine is running, the fuel vapors Catalytic Converter ZNA tained by an authorized Hyundai dealer in ac- absorbed in the canister are drawn into the cordance with the maintenance schedule in this induction system through the purge control so- All Hyundai vehicles are equipped with 2002 hyundai accent manual pdf download mono- manual.

Check the fuel lines, fuel hoses and connec- the maintenance schedule.

Refer to the chart below for the appropriate maintenance intervals. ASA ASA Wheels and wheel covers may have sharp Remove the wheel cover if installed from the To re-install the wheel cover, hold it on the edges. Page 44 Do not install any manusl restraint sys- tem in the front passenger seat. Always engage the hand brake before leaving the car.