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Enter text from picture: Seat Belt Extender When ordering an extender, only order one that provides the necessary downloda length to fasten the seat repaif properly. A side air bag inflates with great force and 2003 mazda protege5 repair manual pdf download directly out of the outboard shoulder of the front seat and expands along the front door on the side the car is hit. Then install the blade assembly in the reverse older of removal. Remove the wheel covers, mannual the chain bands will scratch them.

Gasoline blended with oxygenates such as alcohol or ether compounds are generally referred to as oxygenated fuels. The selected function will be indicated. Depress the accelerator all the way and hold it there. You should not be able to pull the shoulder belt out of the retractor while the system is in the automatic locking mode.

Mazda Protege5 Repair Manuals

Uniform Tire Quality Grading These grades will be added to the sidewalls of passenger vehicle tires over the next several years according to a schedule established by the NHTSA and the tire manufacturers. Metric Studs and Lug Nuts: Page 2003 mazda protege5 repair manual pdf download the warning light remains on, or if the brakes do not operate properly, do not drive the vehicle. They may damage it or cause electrical failure.

The optional air conditioner is filled with HFCa Raa refrigerant that will not damage the ozone layer. To install a new battery, refer to Maintenance page Because the wheel studs and lug nuts on your Mazda have metric threads, using a non-metric nut is dangerous.

The engine coolant temperature gauge shows the temperature of the engine coolant. Illustrations complement the words of the manual to best explain how to enjoy your Mazda. Take the vehicle to an Prktege5 Mazda Dealer to have the system checked. Lift off the air filter cover and remove the filter. A damaged seat belt cannot provide adequate protection in 2003 mazda protege5 repair manual pdf download collision.

Mazda 2003 Protege Owner’s Manual

Clicking from the retractor will be heard during retraction 2003 mazda protege5 repair manual pdf download the system doenload in the automatic locking mode. No special break-in is necessary, but a few precautions in the first 1, km miles may add to the performance, economy, and life of downlload Mazda. Page Use a good quality head- cleaning tape or a liquid cleaner cassette tape to remove it. It can block your view in the rearview mirror, which might cause you to hit another car when changing lanes.

Install in the reverse order of removal. Multiple taps will decrease your vehicle speed 1. Using a damaged seat belt is dangerous.

Fog Lights, Turn And Lane-change Signals If an indicator light stays on without flashing or if it flashes abnormally, the turn signal bulb may be burned out. Should the unit not operate normally, consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer. Non-genuine parts and accessories for Mazda vehicles can be found in stores.

Do not sit 2003 mazda protege5 repair manual pdf download lie in the area where a rear seat bottom has been removed while the vehicle is moving. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for 2003 mazda protege5 repair manual pdf download tires by tread wear, traction, and temperature performance. CAUTION When using the air conditioner while driving up long repwir or in heavy traffic, closely manuual the temperature gauge page Page If this occurs, your brakes will function repaig as if the vehicle had no ABS.

If one is broken, it will explode and serious injuries could be caused by the flying glass. When ordering an extender, only order one that provides the necessary additional length to fasten the seat belt properly.