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Before towing a trailer carefully re- view this information to tow your load as efficiently and safely as possible. Use only the anchor position directly behind the child seat to secure a child restraint top tether strap. Repeat steps 8 through 10 to program up to six additional fobs. As long as the lever is held down, the wipers will continue to operate. The lights will rownload on until the switch is pressed a second time, so be dpdge they have cxliber turned off before leaving the vehicle.

2007 dodge caliber manual pdf download sure not to damage the elastomer seal during removal. These satellite channel pre-set stations will not erase any AM or FM pre-set memory stations. The key that is used to start the vehicle is also used to lock or unlock the doors and open the liftgate. A poorly fitting cap could let impurities into the fuel system.

Only keys that have been programmed mahual the vehicle electronics can be used to start the vehicle. If you have any doubt about your ability to perform a service job, take your vehicle to a competent me- chanic. They know you and your vehicle best, 2007 dodge caliber manual pdf download are most concerned that you get prompt and high quality service.

How- ever, the manufacturer recommends that air conditioning service be performed by dealers or other service facilities using recovery and recycling equipment. Detaching Mini Latch and Buckle Use this mode with maximum fan and temperature settings for 2007 dodge caliber manual pdf download wind- shield and side window defrosting.

There are illustrations to aid you during your job and easy to read downloax throughout the manual.

Dodge Caliber Owners Manual PDF | SERVICE MANUAL OWNERS

If dowhload parking brake is applied while the vehicle is moving, a chime will sound to alert the driver. Replace air cleaner filter. Tires with white sidewalls will have the full TIN including date code located on the white sidewall side of the tire.

The fan speed increases as you move the control to the right from the OFF position. When you 2007 dodge caliber manual pdf download the anchorage, try to move it up or caaliber to make sure that it is locked in position. To unlock the liftgate, insert the key into the lock and turn to the right manual lock models only.

Page removes this heat. With a manual transmission, shift the transmission into reverse.

Refer to the Engine data Label located under the hood for the proper type of spark plug for use in your vehicle. Checking engine oil level when the engine is cold will give you an incorrect reading. Unsupervised use of vehicle equipment may cause severe personal inju- ries and death. When reinstalling original wheel, properly align the wheel cover to the valve stem, 2007 dodge caliber manual pdf download the wheel cover onto the wheel, then install the wheel nuts.

The symbol SET 1 will now show in the display window. See your authorized dealer for replacement. Downshifting Proper downshifting will improve fuel economy and prolong engine life. This will pf cool air to enter the beverage cooler.


When cleaning the rear view mirror, spray cleaner on the towel or rag that you are using. If a non-HOAT coolant is intro- duced into the cooling system in an emergency, it should be replaced with the specified coolant as soon as possible. Drive moderately during the first miles km.

2007 dodge caliber manual pdf download In an accident a cargo cover loose in the vehicle could cause dofge. Page 45 when the front passenger airbag is turned off. Page the radio will play the next CD after a 2 minute timeout. The MIL will not flash at all and will remain fully illuminated until you turn off the ignition key or start the engine. A single chime will be heard. Use only the anchors provided for child seat tethers.

Dodge Caliber 2007 PDF Service Manual Download

Coolant Level The coolant bottle provides a quick visual method for determining that the coolant level is adequate. Pull bulb from socket.

As you continue the displayed infor- mation will be shown in the selected language.