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Chapter 5 Various Ways to Scan Contents In the scanner driver, configure the scan settings to scan Index the paper size of the long page. Chapter 5 Daily Care Contents Index 5. Documents Do not use aerosol spray or spray that contains alcohol. Chapter 1 Scanner Overview Contents Slide out the stacker extension towards you. Page – Quality of scanned text or lines is unsa

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For details about the scanner driver, refer to the following: Clean the following locations with a cloth moistened with Index Cleaner F1 or a sheet of Cleaning Wipe. Paper Select a paper protection detection method. Scanner into the ADF one by one.

Index 1 Insert the retaining clip of the pick roller into the slot. Appendix Fujitsu fi 4750c Index A.

Chapter 1 Scanner Overview Contents Fujitssu 1. Page 12 Contents Contents Scanner Options To restore the settings to the factory default, click the [Default] button.

FUJITSU Image Scanners fi Series – Fujitsu Deutschland

Increases the sensitivity level to detect warped documents or paper jam noise. Index Lift the right side of the roller first, then pull out the shaft from the Insert the protrusion on the shaft into the slot. How to Use the Operator Panel 2.

Conventions Contents Conventions Index Introduction Scanner Safety Information Abbreviations Used in This Manual Overview The attached “Safety Precautions” manual contains important Fujitsu fi 4750c operating systems and products in this manual are information about the safe and fujitsu fi 4750c use of this product.

Scanner 1 Grab a stack of documents, which should be 5 mm or less.

It is recommended to check the documents thoroughly before scanning and also check the image if the document was skewed. Introduction However, note that not feeding the documents straight may cause troubles such as paper jams or part of the image to appear missing. Using the Carrier Sheet allows you to scan documents that Introduction can be damaged quite easily such as photographs, or documents that are difficult to 47750c directly such as newspaper Scanner For details, refer to the image scanning application manual.

Not Available Scanner Operational settings You can configure various settings for fujitsu fi 4750c the 1: How to Use Fujitsu fi 4750c Manual. If possible, use a scanner driver to configure the scan settings fyjitsu simply “binarize” Replacing the Consumables Troubleshooting Slide out the stacker extension 2 towards you.


FUJITSU Image Scanner fi Series – Fujitsu Global

4570c Fujitsu fi 4750c When you press the [Menu] button while the [Ready] screen is Overview displayed, the [Settings Menu] screen is displayed. Scanner [Consumables], [Cleaning], [Clean glass!

fujistu Index Do not leave space between the side guides and the Cleaning Paper. Chapter 9 Operational Settings Contents Index 9. Enter the product name or number directly: Fujitsu fi 4750c Dither The process by which a group of dots is arranged to reproduce the density of grayscale. Scanner Fujitsu fi 4750c Are you using the Carrier Sheet?

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Chapter 2 How to Load Documents Contents Conditions for Using the Carrier Sheet Depending on the amount of memory used by running applications, Index there may be insufficient memory to scan a double-page spread document with the Fujitsu fi 4750c Sheet in high resolution. Introduction The scanned image is not output in the correct fujitsu fi 4750c when [Automatic detection] is selected in the [Paper size] drop-down Scanner list Overview Page – Appendix Page – A.

Index Do not leave space between the side guides and the document. Scanner For details, refer to “8. How to Load Patch code Documents For fujitsu fi 4750c, refer to the scanner driver’s Help. Names and Functions Scanner Overview Indicates the status of the scanner. If the problem persists, check the items in “7.

Chapter 6 Replacing the Consumables Contents Index 6. Bad example Index Position: Keep this setting for normal use.