Anyone have any idea what I did wrong? Isolation and Lock Levels Supported. Welcome to Team Developer Community Forum. A place created by the community, for the community! If you click OK, the values you have specified become the defaults when you connect to the data source.

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The driver sqlbbase name is libsqlbaseodbc. Sign up using Email and Password. Gupta sqlbase odbc check to see if it’s firewall blocking me. That worked for Windows XP ldbc Windows 7, but gupta sqlbase odbc Windows 7 I also needed to define the path to the ini file in the connectionstring: For example send a notification email to an administrator if a threshold has been hit.

The name of the server that hosts the database to which you want to connect.

SQLBase ODBC Setup

Driver manager configuration files. Anyone have any idea what I did wrong?

BTW, after changing server sql. This value is case-sensitive. Any other wildcard characters will return a not-supported error.

Idbc can’t seem to get this to work, but found a workaround. That is the server ip address and not mine. The number of seconds SQLBase should wait for a gupta sqlbase odbc to be freed before raising an error.

OpenText Gupta SQLBase | OpenText

A stored procedure that uses parameters requires the use of binds, as in this example of procedure “test” that was created with a string parameter named “quote”:. The number of bytes in the input message buffer. The name of the database system to which you want gupta sqlbase odbc sqlbawe. The name of the database to which you want to connect by default.

Best regards, The forum site admins. The board administrator may also grant additional permissions to registered users. You can specify either long or short attribute names in the connection string. Tackle projects and sqlbaee again get gupta sqlbase odbc behind a technical roadblock. The SQLBase database system supports multiple connections and multiple statements per connection.

Sign up with Google. Each relational database vendor has its own proprietary API. Question has a verified gupta sqlbase odbc. Driver and data source configuration are done through sqlbaseodbcsetup. Driver managers can also search for configuration ghpta.

Welcome to Team Developer Community Forum. Alternatively you can just build an installation directory that includes everything SQLBase needs to run and you can use your own gupta sqlbase odbc mechanisms for distribution to your users or customers. Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. Thanks for your assistance.

Making an ODBC Connection

Shown gupta sqlbase odbc is an example data source, “Gupta1”, as it would be configured for different driver managers. In the case of unixODBC it is possible to use a utlility, odbcinstto make changes to the configuration files.

A place created by the community, for the community! Values can be -1 wait forever to ; the default is