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Please login to post a reply To reply, please Sign-in using the button in the upper-right. Glad you got sorted out. Thanks for the information. You posted while I wrote the above. Thanks for the input.

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Is the cable bad? That would be nice! This week I hope to set up several patch xw programs on my Korg so I have a good set of sounds from the Yamaha ready to call motif xs usb.

MOTIF XS Settings Required for USB connection

Nektar Technology 3amNoise Motif xs usb Videos. It will also require that the correct firmware v 1. I am using mktif breath controller with a midi keyboard to input audio and midi.

Read more at www. I have midisoft thru set to on. This forum is sponsored by.

I was hoping I could continue doing that using the Oxygen. It is also very nice having two keyboards so I always have quick access to two usn In the past, with my old macbook pro, Motif xs usb was able to use it also as audio interface firewire. You posted while I wrote the above. I will keep these other suggestions in mind. Please login to post a reply To reply, please Sign-in using the button in the upper-right. I usn not trying to hear audio through my USB connection to the computer, and from what you motif xs usb, I am now reassured there’s nothing wrong ysb motif xs usb motif XS rack.

This will allow you hear the Motif-Rack XS through its audio outputs and headphone jack, but does not send any Audio to the computer. Just want to give an update. Thanks a lot for the great and super-fast support!

When using motif xs usb S90, I would play this same string mmotif with my left for bass, and my right hand playing the Korg’s pad.

Thanks for the input. It would seem like it should, but I have not found any definitive answer through searching the web. I even used the Motif xs usb today during church.

Is this enough info about my situation? So, as much as I had originally hoped to hook my little M-Audio Oxygen to the rack, I think the ability to layer with motif xs usb Korg and other rack synths is going to come in really handy.

Usb connection problem?

I decided to hook up through my laptop and the last two nights I have been using the Oxygen 49 USB to control the Motif XS Rack the reason I started this whole thread through the laptop. I really like the Yamaha sounds and would love to have them in my own personal rig motif xs usb of my current equipment is from the 90’s.

It motif xs usb MIDI only. However, you are not allowed to reply to this post. But I had it installed in the past because I had a steinberg interface and I made also that shot. They need a computer to work.

MOTIF XS6, MOTIF XS7, MOTIF XS8 Recording Audio To USB

Add a reply View Replies 2. It would probably cost the same as a 2nd hand XS Rack.

W0lfgang – and then and before of that the latest Yamaha usb-driver 1. There are ysb master devices computers and usb slave devices. I can’t save them on my rack because the user banks are full of patches especially motif xs usb for the breath controller.