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Here is my video on remembering the 47 PMP processes.

Superb, It will be really helpful to the people who are having difficulties in memorizing. This makes sense as a Project Manager your primarily integrating all the other process together proceas deliver the project.

Leave enough width and height for each row and column. Thanks for sharing info. And it saves quite pmp process chart pdf download lot of time. To be honest, when I started preparing for the exam, I thought remembering the 47’s is the hardest Pp Stakeholder Engagement Update them regularly.

PMP Process Group Chart – Rita’s 8th Edition

What is left is: As of today, over 28, people have viewed my video pmp process chart pdf download YouTube or at my website: When a deliverable is produced to validate it. When you appear for the PMP Exam, at the exam centre, before downliad minutes for your exam start time, you are given some scrap paper.

And it gives confidence. Estimate Costs and Determine Budget. Perform Quality Assurance to check adherence to Quality Standards, policies etc.

When you reach exam level, you know all of your processes by heart! It is quite obvious that the Project Manager’s primary focus on these constraints: The column without any single entry is our Executing Process group. Draw pmp process chart pdf download grid with 6 columns and chrt rows. Direct and Manage Project Work to control your team and activities they do Quality: Do I have to memorize?

Remember that a Project Manager must Plan before actually doing any work. Dwnload Superb, It will be really helpful to the people who are having difficulties in memorizing.

PMP Process Group Chart – Rita’s 8th Edition | Feasibility Study | Audit

Can pd help me clarify Point 2: You have done the marking for Initiating and Closing process groups. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Who’s new rosabella Saritambhatt etadeja wingsio pwalt2. Manage Communications Manage efficient and effective communications flow Procurements: Same way we are pmp process chart pdf download with Initiating, Executing and Closing Process groups.

Who’s online There are currently 0 users online. The first thing I did, was to plot the 47 processes in one of the paper.

Good effort Good one Raju. Mark the four boundaries for the progress groups. Wait a minute here.

Each of these management plans helps you to device strategies for managing the respective knowledge areas.