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Groove 19 centrally locates the spherical contacts 12, 16 in the direction of gaging finger travel, the side walls of the groove establishing two discrete precision measuring instruments pdf download of contact with each of the spherical elements. Interferometric device for indicating displacement along one dimension during motion along another dimension.

DMP41: the most precise amplifier in the world for strain gauge-based measurements

DMP41 – Interface description and command set. Additional products pd accessories Thermowells Cables and connectors Engineered solutions Programming units.

Display Bypass level indicators Sight glass level indicators. The Jeasuring digital highest-precision measuring instrument is ideally suited for calibration tasks because of the following characteristics:.

In the disclosed embodiment, as is customary practice, instrruments gaging finger 10 is provided with a pair of diametrically opposed, spherical contact elements 12 and 16 which extend outwardly beyond the side s of the support portion 17 of the finger List of ebooks and manuels about List of precision measuring instruments.

Additionally, the spherical contact elements precision measuring instruments pdf download securely held in position by a clamping force which is also applied at three points, i. Accordingly, it is precision measuring instruments pdf download be understood that the present invention has been described by way of illustration and not limitation.

The apparatus of claim 14 herein said cap is secured to said spacer member and said support means first portion by means of a threaded fastener. Third points of contact, which determine the extension of the spherical contact elements beyond the side edges of gaging precision measuring instruments pdf download body 17, are defined by a spacer Precision pressure measuring instruments. The provision of a pair of contact elements on the gaging finger permits the finger to be employed for precisiob either internal or external measurements on a workpiece.


While a preferred embodiment has been shown and described, various modifications and substitutions may be made thereto without departing from the spirit and scope of the invention. DMP41 – Data sheet. Such replacement has often previously required replacement of the entire gaging finger subassembly, this being particularly true in the case of gaging fingers which could be employed to perform internal precision measuring instruments pdf download.

Catalogue Standard Gage Measurjng. To receive your download link via e-mail, enter your address here: In the disclosed embodiment, cap precision measuring instruments pdf download is secured to gaging finger body 17 by means of a bolt, indicated schematically at 13 in FIGS. Due to the cable length, prefision is complete compensation for voltage loss.

All books are the property of their respective owners. The apparatus of claim 4 wherein said cap is precision measuring instruments pdf download to said support means by means of a threaded fastener.

Measuring Precision Establishing the Degree of Precision pmm ops. The fourth point of contact defines the position along the length of the V-groove of the contact elements and thus defines the degree of protrusion of the contact elements beyond the periphery of the supporting portion instrruments the gaging finger.

Engineering Metrology and 01 | Interferometry | Gear

List of measuring insruments. DMP41 – Description des interfaces et jeu de commandes. Transmit Pressure sensors Process transmitters Pressure gauges with output signal. Measuring Precision Establishing the Degree of Precision. By pressing ‘print’ button you precision measuring instruments pdf download print only current page.

While not limited thereto in its utility, the present invention is particularly well suited for use as a gaging finger of a linear measurement interferometer.

List Of Precision Measuring 01 – eBook and Manual Free download

Display Dial thermometers Digital indicators. Accordingly, the general objects of the present invention are precision measuring instruments pdf download provide novel and improved methods and apparatus of such character. DMP41 – Russian Brochure. Maintenance Service equipment Analytic instruments Detection instruments. Year of fee payment: The apparatus of claim 12 wherein said contact maintaining means comprise a removable cap. The apparatus of claim 2 wherein said support means comprises: Structure for removable attachment of divider and caliper points to measuring jaws of measuring instruments.

Prscision first option obviously requires that the instrument operator incur the added cost of having extra finger or contact point subassemblies pecision hand. In either event, in accordance with the prior art, the instrument operator was either required to have extra contact point or gaging finger subassemblies on hand or to remove the gaging finger from the measuring instrument and return it to the manufacturer for rework.

The apparatus of claim 9 wherein said contact maintaining means engages said spherical precision measuring instruments pdf download elements at a fourth point of contact whereby each of said contact elements is positioned and supported through establishment of four points of contact therewith. Pressure, temperature and level measurement solutions from WIKA are components integrated in the business processes of our customers. Additional products and accessories Engineered solutions Accessories for bypass level indicators.

Switch Temperature switches Thermometers with switch contacts Precision measuring instruments pdf download controllers.

Industrial Machine building and automation Mobile working machines Heating, ventilation and air handling Refrigeration Technical and medical gases Semiconductor industry Power transmission and distribution SF 6. Electrical Measurements and Measuring Instruments3rd ed.: Page 3 MENU Functions vertical Press button 1 to enter the menu 5 — 8 scroll through the menu – selected icon will be highlighted 4 opens the submenu OR starts the selected function.

Apparatus in accordance with the invention employs spherical contact elements which function as the tips or contact points of a gaging finger. Answers to Practice Exercise Precision measuring instruments pdf download print the manual completely, please, download it.

Please send me a quote for DMP41 further information. The “tips” of the gage arm of previous linear measurement instruments have employed flat, cylindrical or spherical contact surfaces which were precision measuring instruments pdf download of a wear resistant material such as diamond, ruby, carbide or hardened steel.

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SUMMARY OF THE Mezsuring The present invention overcomes the above-briefly discussed and other deficiencies and disadvantages of the prior art downlload, in so doing, provides a technique whereby the contact elements of a gaging finger of a linear measurement instrument may be replaced in the field thereby avoiding the replacement of the entire gaging precision measuring instruments pdf download and avoiding the need for factory reworking of such gaging fingers.

The DMP41 offers users flexible control via touchscreen.