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Further, there was a meeting in Detroit a while back in which potential rules packages and more were presented to the Big 3. Built around a sophisticated tube chassis and four-link rear suspension, Pro Stock cars must conform to precise measurements and weigh no less than 2, pounds. Partial blame has to be the change of rules for , which removed carburetors in favor of a low-tech-level electronic fuel injection system, removed the upper body-area induction system for a low air intake, forced a 10,rpm rev limit on all cars and shortened the wheelie bars in the hopes of getting more elevation to the front wheels at the hit. Discover Priorities T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring. Here may be the harshest reality of all — the lack of major sponsorship across the category. Great job Deric Kramer and crew. Top Alcohol Dragsters may look like Top Fuelers, but they have significant differences.

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Thank you for your subscription. Performances can be in the 5. Dragsters, altereds, street roadsters, coupes, sedans, front-engine nostalgia dragsters, sport compact pro stock drag racing, and trucks race in 75 classes. As in Super Comp, competitors use electronic timers and throttle stops to run as close to the class standard without going under.

NHRA to allow any accepted engine/body combination in Pro Stock in | NHRA

That steady decline continues today, as pro stock drag racing by the significant number of races that have failed to attract a full car field both this year and last.

Pro Stock engines use electronic fuel injection and spec gasoline and are restricted to a maximum of cubic inches. Talent should win out, nothing more, nothing less.

Similar to their Top Fuel counterparts but with a shorter wheelbase and a carbon-fiber body that loosely resembles a production-based automobile, Funny Cars can run in the 3.

Pro stock drag racing I pointed this out to a senior NHRA executive he replied by telling me there was no time to showcase Factory Stock in a more impactful manner.

racinng News 20 May Based on the reaction we heard from too many racers, it was apparent that they failed pro stock drag racing grasp the trouble the category was sinking into — oblivion, really — so nothing changed.

A perfect storm, if you will. Turn 3 Media LLC. Black, from Las Vegas, set up shop in stock car country, Mooresville, North Carolina and hired some of the best talent money could buy.

Who’s to blame for NHRA Pro Stock’s predicament?

The driver with the most wins in a single season is three time champion Pro stock drag racing Alderman, who won all but three pro stock drag racing en route to his championship. The category features primarily late-model sedans and vintage muscle cars, and entries are classified using a system that divides factory shipping weight by NHRA-factored horsepower. Once an engine is used in a vehicle at an event, that engine cannot be used in another vehicle for the duration of the event.

Stock Stock cars are similar to Super Stockers, but the rules regarding everything from engine modifications to body alterations are much stricter. Factory Stock is the future.

What Happened To Pro Stock, You Ask? Here’s What…

Most Super Comp cars are capable of running well under the 8. That is emphatically not a smart solution for the pro stock drag racing body’s self-created problem, argues Anne Proffit. News 16 May Classes of auto racing. Virtually any car is eligible to compete, and entries rcaing classified using a system that divides factory shipping weight by NHRA-factored horsepower.

Bo Butner Racing added 3 new photos. Dragzine – Drag Racing Magazine. Here may be the harshest reality of all — the lack of major sponsorship across the category. Super Gas entries, which run on a 9.

Class eligibility is based on requirements that include type of vehicle, engine size, vehicle weight, allowable modifications, and aerodynamics. If so, please try restarting your browser.

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The personalities, the rivalries and conflicts, and the stories that provided so much of the intrigue in Pro stock drag racing Stock in the past are exactly that: Significant engine modifications are permitted, but the vehicle must retain the correct engine block, cylinder heads, and carburetor.

News 25 May News 01 Jun The minimum weight is 2, pounds except for four-cylinder-powered cars, which may have a minimum weight of pto, pounds.