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Thanks again if anyone could mail the file to me, and let me know if I can do anything in return.

So I will sacrifice a new one to be sure. I have received a Rollei 35 S with a malfuntioning shutter and I’d like to give it a try. Thanks Patrick mydear live. I rearly want to study about it.

Rollei 35 Service Manual

But rollei 35 repair manual pdf download worth it i think, it’s an incredible machine compared with today’s camera’s. Hi Nicola, Pvf you possibly email me a copy either. Hi Nicolas, I just got a 35SE and would like to have the manual, can you send it to the following address? I suspect it could be dust inside, possibly from an aged sealing.

I want to learn more about it, especially since there are only a few camera shops here in the Philippines. Dear Nicolas, Please Forward me your manual of the Rollei Your name or email address: Nicolas,could you send me one copy?

The only trouble is that the light meter was intermittend, and now does not work at all. Sorry Nicolas, my email is cponcedl at gmail dot com.

Thanks in advance from Odwnload. Otherwise from the pictures of the screw heads the camera looks unopened yet. Dear Nicolas, I recently acquired a 35 but the film counter has problem. Hello Nicolas, I would be very interested ion receiving a copy of the Rollei repair manual. I’m hoping you’re still sending out the repair manual and that it may rollei 35 repair manual pdf download solve the problem.

Hello Nicolas, I would be grateful if you could kindly send me a copy of the Rollei doqnload service manual at the following address: I’ve checked for dust, batteries, etc.

Rollie 35 Repair Manual

I have a 35S with stiff focus and shutter blades not opening quite fully. I dont know how to attach the file using photo. I am sure your repair manuel will be a great help for my 35S rollei 35 repair manual pdf download locked out. Only drawback,the battery is sucked up within hours ,even with the photometer opening covered. Hello, I do not know if this is still available after so many years, but I am interested anyway. I could use a service manual for a Rollei 35 LED for my wiring has come apart on the circuit board Thank you.

Please send a copy. Share This Page Tweet. Hi, Can you help me,please, with a copy of repair manual fo rollei 35 se?

rollei 35 repair manual pdf download Please send me a copy of the manual it to my email address: Please email me a copy of the repair manual to youfo comcast. Unless the battery power is consumed by the camera body itself in pef global short-circuitry, hence the very brief battery life.

I have Rollei B35 Chrome-Singapore gifted, still in case and very long time not used I would love to get a copy of the repair manual!