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Quantitative Aptitude Formulae & Shortcut Tips Free Download PDF

Profit and loss questions are very easy to solve. The average between two sets of numbers is closer to the set with more numbers. For more pdfs like these, mention the topics in the comments section below.

Aptitude Questionsshortcuts in time and work problemsTime and Work important formulas.

This is nearer to 25 since more batsmen scored 25 runs. Time and work problems are frequently asked in quantitative aptitude test in all exams.

shortcuts for aptitude with example pdf download It is a ratio with base denominator If we know only the average of the two groups individually, we cannot find out the average of the combined group of items. They are generally simple to attempt if you have done practice and remember the formulae. A man purchases a certain no.

Selling Price -The price at which the article is sold is known as selling price S. You can search careerarm for logical reasoning. Basic Concept of important quantitative aptitude topic is covered in this post. It evolved as a concept so that there can be a uniform platform for comparing different values.

The next thing is to know the time and work formulas, then it is easier to learn the difficult shortcuts for aptitude with example pdf download. A and B together do the same work in how many days?

Time and Work formula shortcuts Tricks Aptitude Question Answers example

He mixes them together and sells wtih at p a rupee then his gain or loss. You must be logged in to post a comment.

I find it really useful. Important formulae to remember are:. You must be logged in to post a comment. Logical reasoning downnload verbal ability are covered in another post.

Quantitative Aptitude Shortcut Tricks

This is quantitative aptitude section. For other various quantitative aptitude ofr with solutions in English, Hindi and Tamil log on to our website www.

Please provide me in all aptitude video tutorial in either English to Tamil. Discount is deducted from Marked Price. In the formula we have explained with men and women.

Problems on Numbers — Numbers, Decimal Fraction. If the value of each item is multiplied by the same value shortcuts for aptitude with example pdf download, then the average of the group or items will also get multiplied by m.

We hope that you now understood the concept of time and work. It can only be used for annual compounding. Simple shortcuts technique to solve the problem faster in fraction of second.

If the value of each item is increase by x, then the average of the group will also increase by x. If the value of each item is decreased by y, then the average of the group of items will also decrease by y.

Complete guide to crack Permutation and Combination. Cost Price- The price at which an article is purchased is known as cost price C. Leave A Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Check out the set of four different important problems and tricks to solve those problems.