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They’re too small for precision work, in my opinion. There is no guarantee of the results and your first point of support contact for the Bamboo Pen CTL is still Wacom. I can definitely feel the difference when using my Inutos5 Medium with a single 30″ x px display or adding a secondary x px laptop screen. I don’t know much about tablets but I it looks like they may be the answer for a project I’m working on. Since I’m not na illustrator or want a oustanding quality I think that this two are enough for the job.

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Is manga tab also good for retouching? I don’t draw long lines, but I don’t want to upgrade after a while from S or pen-touch. I really liked your post: San, you can’t compare the tablet only based on the specs. It seems that those apps have no support for pen pressure and tilt controls, so your main decision factor is resolution.

I wacom bamboo ctl-460 started using wacom bamboo ctl-460 Intuos Pro, and I absolutely love it. I find that in starting a selection or locating a point I want to start on, the cursor is jittery and I have a hard time “hitting the target”. For general usage or photo retouching, both are similar, but I’m usually more comfortable with the medium size tablets, like the Bamboo Create or Intuos Medium.

Our team is dedicated to providing wacom bamboo ctl-460 with an excellent experience. And you can always limit the work area by software to mimic a smaller tablet, if you want.

First, is it bad idea to buy a used one? A Bamboo Create can handle a x px resolution screen just fine.

It’s free, easy to use and while it doesn’t have the most advanced features, wacom bamboo ctl-460 similar enough to Illustrator that bakboo can be an invaluable learning tool before spending money. The advice you posted here especially the one on matching the monitor with tablet size was right on.

Would an Intuos2 work on my macbook? I am a wacom bamboo ctl-460 photographer who uses the liquify tool, dodging and burning ie: They have two wacom bamboo ctl-460 wire coils with ferrite tubes that break easily when the pen is dropped.

On the other hand, since you’re using a laptop, it is much easier to carry around than the medium one. Should I buy the Intuos 5 or is that too advanced for what I would like to do?

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If you have the budget, in my opinion, the extra size alone dtl-460 the Bamboo Create worth the difference, specially for higher resolution displays like yours. I’ve seen architects working with Wacom tablets and they used the tablet more as an input device directly in Autocad than a wacon tool.

Meet the Wacom stylus Enjoy the natural feel of a pen in your hand as you digitally draw, sketch, take notes, capture ideas and wacom bamboo ctl-460 in high comfort and with wacom bamboo ctl-460 control while you are keeping your screen smudge-free. But I dont think many people will face this problem tho. Wacom bamboo ctl-460 devices are here to stay and the tendency is that we’ll see even deeper integration in the future.

You can always cover your artwork with a clear sheet of mylar or any similar plastic to protect it while tracing and make the pen slide easily. Think about controlling a first person shooter with a pen.

You can also map the pen pressure and tilt only Intuos4 to opacity, brush size and brush shape for more realistic results. Please let us know what Wacom replies.

The drawing capabilities of both models are equivalent wacom bamboo ctl-460, sensitivity, etc and they vary mostly on screen size and overall industrial design. Do you think the Wacom Intuous Pen and Touch Medium would ct-l460 suitable or are there any alternatives you could recommend?

I’m totally happy with the size of the tablet on a wacom bamboo ctl-460 inches screen. Do these tablets allow for gamboo Or is there a better option? For dual display use, keep in mind that the overall screen proportion is much more horizontal than the tablet itself.

After waom your analysis and everybody’s comments I made up my mind to purchase a Bamboo Create but then I found it is not available in Europe.

Then you draw ‘on the screen’ by looking at the screen but with the pen on the tablet. I’m working on a good DELL with System 7, wacom bamboo ctl-460 Wacm don’t think it’s a processing issue on the computer wacom bamboo ctl-460 side of things. Hope you manage to find one for a good price!

I look forward to hearing from you! I’m using 17″ display and resolution x if that’s relevant. Still no idea what tablet to buy. Wacom bamboo ctl-460 smaller ones require too little hand movement and that feels a little awkward to me. I use my 15″ MacBook Pro, and a 24″ display to edit. Hope to hear from wacom bamboo ctl-460 soon. Went to the store again and was about to pick up the Intous4 when I just double checked with the bammboo and it turns out it had 6.

bamboo ctl driver download for windows 8 – Microsoft Community

Dre, the Bamboo Capture is sufficient for your laptop screen, but you might want to use it with an external display in the future. Could this wacom bamboo ctl-460 problematic with the bigger size?

It has a wacom bamboo ctl-460 working area, making it a more versatile model, specially if you use a display above 23 inches. It’s also white and blue! I’m not that great at drawing stuff still working progess: The Wacom Cintiq line combines a pressure sensitive tablet with a slim LCD display, for an even more natural interface.

I found too small the small intous5.